Tribute to Martin Maylard

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It is with great sorrow that we share the sudden passing of our dear friend and colleague Martin Maylard.  Martin has been a valuable member of the Can-Am RV Centre family since 2014. He endeared himself to the entire staff and our customers with his caring and gentle nature and dedication to helping others.  Martin Maylard had been in the RV business for forty-four years, starting as a twelve year old at Trailer Mart, his family’s RV dealership. He has been a friend of the Thomson family for more than forty years and grew up in the industry with them.   Martin studied accounting in college and this was one of many skills he applied in the RV industry.  Martin knew RV’s inside and out, and we were so fortunate to have him join us and manage the Parts Department that he was so passionate about.
"I think the most memorable thing about the RV Business for me, is the people I've met along the way. I still have many of my Trailer Mart customers come into Can-Am, it’s such a pleasure seeing them. I still get great satisfaction in helping customers solve their parts problems and get them on their way."
Martin Maylard will be sorely missed and our prayers and support are extended to his wife Sharon and daughter Maddy, his friends and family at this time.

Working together in the RV industry is not the same as an average 9-5 job. There are long hours well outside of the regular business day spent planning, setting up trade shows, conferences at manufacturing plants and many days working RV Showcase events. Because of this Can-Am RV Centre employees form a deep bond and is the reason we often refer to the staff as the Can-Am family. We hope these photos will give you an insight into the attachment we all had to Martin Maylard.