Airstream Anthem- The Creed

"The Creed" was released last year and it is an amazing piece of filmaking that manages to distill everything the Airstream company is about, including the history, the quality and the vision that has kept them on target for more than 80 years into a 4 minute visual jewel.  
The short film is a compilation of new footage, archival footage, and new material crafted to bring Airstream’s founder, Wally Byam, back to life. The narration is from the point of view of Old Grandad, a vintage Airstream Clipper travel trailer made in 1937.  The "Creed" that is the central theme to the film, is Airstream founder Wally Byam's long standing written statement that exemplifies everything that those drawn to travel, outdoor life and camping will identify with.  Wally managed to sum up the dreams and goals of everyone that understands "wanderlust" and the desire to see the world as well as building relationships with other fellow travelers.
The film was so well received apon it's release that it was recognised by the Brand Film Festival in New York City.  Production house,  Public Works, was honoured to have "Creed" screened alongside films from other brands such as National Geographic, Lyft, Nike, Amazon, Intel, Fox, Adobe, Nike, Facebook, AT&T, Harley, Timberland, Lexus, Charles Schwab, Prada, Delta, Apple, and more.  Ian Fohrman of Public Works said, " “It’s a privilege to tell the story of this iconic American brand that has captured the American spirit of innovation. They are a fundamental piece of the American travel story, and their rich history spans the better part of a century.”
You don't have to be an Airstream owner or aficianado to be moved by this well told story.  The lighting, camera angles and imagery is simply beautiful. For all of you that live from one travel adventure to the next, Wally's "Creed" will resonate in your heart no matter what brand of RV you prefer.

“In the heart of these words is an entire life’s dream. To those of you who find in the promise of these words your promise, I bequeath this creed…my dream belongs to you.”

To place the great wide world at your doorstep for you who yearn to travel with all the comforts of home.

To provide a more satisfying, meaningful way of travel that offers complete travel independence, wherever and whenever you choose to go or stay.

To keep alive and make real an enduring promise of high adventure and faraway lands…of rediscovering old places and new interests.

To open a whole world of new experiences…a new dimension in enjoyment where travel adventure and good fellowship are your constant companions.

To encourage clubs and rallies that provide an endless source of friendships, travel fun and personal expressions.

To lead caravans wherever the four winds blow…over twinkling boulevards, across trackless deserts…to the traveled and untraveled corners of the earth.

To play some part in promoting international goodwill and understanding among the peoples of the world through person-to-person contact.

To strive endlessly to stir the venturesome spirit that moves you to follow a rainbow to its end…and thus make your travel dreams come true.

Wallace Merle "Wally" Byam, (1896-1962)