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Try Before You Buy

An exclusive Can-Am opportunity

No doubt about it, looking for your new RV is fun! But in addition to seeing all the different models available, you should really feel what it's like to get behind the wheel and actually cruise on down the road with a new RV in tow.

Handling and driving comfort are vital considerations with a new RV purchase, and only Can-Am lets you experience this first-hand, for yourself, before you make a purchase decision.

It's unlikely you'd invest in a vehicle without test-driving it. We wouldn't want you to purchase an RV without a test drive either. We know you'll make a more informed decision if yu experience towing the trailer before you buy it. At the same time, you'll come to understand how an expertly hitched combination can make all the difference.

You don't need a hitch to test drive a trailer at Can-Am

Don't have a hitch on your vehicle? Don't dismay. Our service professionals can hook you up with a temporary hitch for a nominal fee. Or, we can secure a hitch platform to your vehicle at any time, so that you'll always be equipped for test drives ­ and whenever you find the RV that's bestfor you, you'll be ready to take it home!

Demo Combinations

An ever-changing selection of cars, SUVs, minivans and pickups are always hooked up to a range of towables, ready for your test drive. And if you want to test drive a specific towable unit, we'd be happy to accommodate your request.

Already have an RV but not happy with your tow experience?

While we'd prefer you purchase your RV from Can-Am, our biggest priority is to ensure you enjoy a safe and comfortable RV experience—wherever you shop. If your towing experience is not meeting your expectations, let us take a look at your hitch set-up. We may be able to recommend a few simple adjustments that will improve your stability and your safety.

"Instruction does much, but encouragement does everything."
~Johann von Goethe