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When you’re choosing a trailer to tow, weight is just one of many factors that come into play.

At Can-Am RV we determine right trailer for your tow vehicle by considering the trailer’s:

  • aerodynamic profile
  • height
  • length
  • suspension
  • type of hitch
  • rolling resistance
  • and weight

For example, a 6,000-pound aerodynamic Airstream will pull easier than 3,500-pound box trailers.

Call us or send an email. We can advise you and help you choose the combo that’s right for you and your family.

Weight is just one of many aspects that determine what a particular vehicle can tow. Obviously, not all tow vehicles are created equally.

With the right hitch, sway control, and brake controller set up optimally, a vehicle will perform so much better than the same vehicle simply “dropped on the ball”.

Minivans have been for more than 30 years, and most are rated for 3,500 pounds. This is simply the point they are tested to. In reality, if certain criteria are met, many modern minivans are able to tow more than the 3500 pound guideline. They’ve proven to be a very popular and safe tow vehicle.

Tow ratings can be quite arbitrary, established by marketers rather than engineers. A Cadillac sedan in the mid-‘90s was rated up to 7,500 pounds while today’s more powerful model, superior in almost every way, is de-rated to 1,000 pounds.

There are good tow vehicles in almost every automotive class and type.

Call us or send an email. We’re happy to help you decide. There are tow vehicles that don’t perform as well as you’d think, while others are a pleasant surprise (especially if you already own one!).

We put safety first. More than 45 years of towing has taught us what works, and what doesn’t. We’ve test-driven thousands of tow vehicle/trailer combinations.

At the motorplex and dragstrip we do extensive tests in the slalom course and on the circuit, including emergency lane changes, panic stops, acceleration, handling on uneven pavement, and many other manoeuvres. We put these combos through a level of testing that automotive and RV manufacturers do not.

Safety is our ultimate priority, and our combinations allow you to travel in stress-free comfort.