Safari Condo Alto

The Alto, by Safari Condo, is one of the lightest, most aerodynamic travel trailers you will ever meet. Hand-crafted in Quebec, with all-aluminum material, seamless roof and  independent “Flexiride” suspension, the Alto is unique travel trailer, with a large fan following.

Alto is available in two designs: the R-series featuring a retractable roof, that allows the trailer to fit easily into most garages, and F-series, featuring a fixed roof, enclosed bathroom and extra storage.

As for towing, it doesn't get any easier! The super-aerodynamic design and low centre of gravity delivers great stability on the road. You can pull an Alto with most current vehicles, even most 4-cylinder vehicles! Please call Can-Am RV Centre for more details. 

Can-Am RV Centre sells Altos throughout Canada, New York, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana and Illinois.  If you live outside these areas please visit the Safari Condo website.


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