Towing Expertise


We Are The Towing Specialists!

Years of carefully experimenting with towing combinations make us the experts.

Sometimes people are alarmed at the combinations that Can-Am creates but rest assured that each one is thought through very carefully. We assess more than 40 specifications for the trailer and tow vehicle. And if you see it on a video or in our showroom, we assure you: it's a safe combination. We wouldn't promote anything less.

We find the best tow vehicles for many trailers combine a fuel-efficient, modern engine with the correct gear ratios, with an aerodynamic package. For handling and safety, we look for independent rear suspension, the right size and type of tires, a low centre of gravity and short rear overhang.

View our videos to find a combination that will suit your lifestyle.

And then call us at 1-866-226-2678 and we'll start you on your way.