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Beginners’ Guide to RVing 1-Day Seminar

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Designed for Can-Am customers, this seminar provides a comprehensive overview of the RV experience in one day. Includes videos, presentations, test drives and demonstrations.

Chat with other owners and ask Can-Am's panel of experts and committed RVers all your RVing questions. Lunch is provided.

Registration required. Contact or phone our Sales Department for more information and to register.

Hitch Hints & RV Towing Presentation

Selected Saturdays Can-Am RV Centre

Andy Thomson has been writing his Hitch Hints column, published in RV Lifestyle, for almost three decades. MacLean’s Magazine calls him a “trailer hitch guru”. Learn what it really takes to tow an RV in one of Andy’s informative and entertaining 1-hour presentations.

RV Demonstrations & Test Drives

Every Day Can-Am RV Centre

Drop by Can-Am RV Centre and one of our RV Specialists will be happy to give you a detailed demonstration of any of our RVs and then take you out for a test drive so you can “try before you buy.” If there is a specific combination you’d like to take out, call ahead and we will arrange to have it hooked up and waiting.

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Participant Testimonials

"Great information: very useful! Wish we had known this before buying our truck."
Larry M.

"Going into the morning, I thought that this was going to be a Sales seminar, and was extremely surprised that there wasn't any pressure to purchase, but that more pressure was placed on whether or not RVing is right for you, and what RV is right for you. It was a great way to learn about RVs and your company."
Andrea & Mark K.

"Very useful information. You dispelled some pre-conceived common beliefs and showed the fun of RV'ing. It convinced us that only you guys can safely set up a rig for us. [We appreciated that the] showroom and RVs in the yard were open for us to explore."
Dave & Shirley W.

"We really appreciated how very organized the event was and how well the staff worked together to make this a very beneficial day of learning for us. It's very apparent that Can Am practices good team work. Also liked the smart and professional appearance of all staff members."
Linda & Tony S

"I'm impressed by the amount of content that gets covered in one day."
Jerry T.