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Our popular Can-Am RV Centre Newsletter is published bi-monthly and includes a variety of content of interest to all RV'ers and travel enthusiasts.  We routinely include travel destinations, tech tips, RV product highlights, parts and service specials, and our features for our customers and staff.  There are specials that are exclusive to our newsletter subscribers from time to time and announcements to keep you in the loop. It is sent to your email and can be canceled at any time.  To sign up click HERE to be redirected to our sign-up page. Our back issues are available below.

Issue 1, January 2020

In this issue, Andy shares the history of Can-Am RV. Parts and Service and Customer Spotlights. Sales feature: The Gulf Breeze SVT

Special London RV Show Edition Feb. 2020

Can-Am reflects on 46 years at the London RV Show, Tour of the Lance factory, Parts and Service specials, Customer Spotlight. Sales Feature: Imagine by Grand Design

Issue 2, March 2020

Beginner Seminar and Test Drive Day, Tech Tips: Roof Care, Parts Spotlight, Customer Spotlight.  Sales Feature:Alto A2124, Made in Canada

Issue 3, May 2020

Business as Usual?, Nurse Barbie's RV, Destination Spotlight, Parts Spotlight, Tech Tip: De-winterizing, Customer Spotlight

Issue 4, July 2020

Thank You Customers, 7 becomes 126: Quarantine in an Alto, Parts Spotlight: Lambert Art Prints, Destination Review, Customer Spotlight. Sales Feature: Lance

Issue 5, September 2020

Andy's Tesla Experiment, Meet our Staff: Monica, Best Time to Sell and RV, Parts and Service Spotlight, Artistic Customer Tribute to Can-Am, Detailing Tip, Customer Spotlight. Sales Feature: Airstream Classic

Issue 6, November 2020

Flowers and Trailers?, Tesla Experiment Part 2: Truck King, Meet our Staff: Martin, Parts and Service Spotlight, Feature: Predator Birds and the White Moose, detailing Tip, Customer Spotlight. Sales Feature: Imagine XLS

Issue 7, February 2021

Wiarton Willy says Get Ready, Meet our Staff: Peggy, Parts and Service Spotlight, Customer Feedback, Travel Feature: Harvest Host, Lights-Camera-Action Can-Am RVTV.