Which Airstream is Perfect For You?

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The decision to purchase an iconic Airstream Travel trailer is an exciting time in anyone's travel journey. Those who know this timeless brand would travel in no other RV product. But yet, making the decision on what model and length of Airstream can be quite a task, unless you have taken the time to look at all the variables and lifestyle and travel preferences you have. I have had the pleasure of owning five Airstreams, both modern and vintage and each one has had certain advantages and strengths that the other ones did not.
The most important question you need to ask is "How will I use this travel trailor?" If you are in the work force with limited vacation time will your Airstream be a weekend get-a-way vehicle that goes somewhere different every trip? Are you likely to be camping "in the rough" without campground facilities such as running water and electricity? Are you planning an extended journey across the continent and being gone for months at a time?
The good news is that Airstream makes a product that perfectly fits every travel scenario. And every model is completely self contained to funtion on or off the grid in comfort and luxury. In fact, that is one of the principles the company was founded on back in the early days of "auto camping".
Another thing that will effect your choice of Airstream is the number of people and pets that you will travel with. From a nimble, 16 foot Bambi to the 30 foot Flying Cloud with the bunk bed floorplan, your Airstream can comfortably sleep anywhere from 2 to 7 people. And even in the little Bambi you can turn the dinette into a bed for the occasional guest!
For adventuresome campers that want to go farther from the beaten path, Airstream introduced the Basecamp model over the past few years. This rugged Airstream product has higher ground clearance, easy to care for surfaces, and a rear door to allow you to load a kayak or bicycle inside. There are tie-downs and a removeable table to make this tough 16 footer your point of departure for your next adventure and also a warm home base at the end of the day. It has a bathroom, kitchen and holding tanks just like its iconic siblings.
So what about the length of your Airstream dream? They are available from 16 feet to 33 feet and with dozens of floorplans spread across eight model lines. For many people, length may be dependant on what they envision for a tow vehicle. The great news is that Can-Am RV has more experience than anybody when it comes to Airstreams and tow vehicles. From smaller cars and SUVs to large trucks they have done it all with precision and an attention to detail that will give every customer the peace of mind and security needed to truly enjoy the journey. The shorter single axle Airstreams are referred to as Bambi. The twin axle Airstreams vary in lengths from 23 feet to 33 feet. Every model has a table that does not have to be folded out, and a permanent bed that is ready to end your day in comfort.
What about the budget? Airstream does indeed offer a wide range of prices for the premium quality travel trailer in the industry. The Airstream product offers higher value retention and a resale opportunity greater than any other travel trailer on the road. Airstreams that are decades and decades old are still fully functional and in great demand. My wife and I routinely travel in a 1963 model that works and looks as good as it did right out of the showroom.
With an Airstream, the important features like being self contained with holding tanks, propane fridge and hot water heater, comfortable seating and sleeping arrangements and A/C when plugged in, are standard in every model. The prices vary in the different models or series of trailer. The Sport models are more affordable with less trim, while the Classic and Tommy Bahama Special Edition offer every luxury you can imagine in a travel trailer. But the heart of the entire product line is about consistent excellence.
Wally Byam, the Airstream company founder said, "let us not just make changes, let us only make improvements!". It would seem that those words, spoken 80 years ago, have directed this company through the decades while continuing to make an outstanding, investment quality product.
If you are curious about what all the buzz is about regarding Airstream it is time for a visit to Can-Am RV. There is a great selection of Airstream trailers both new and previously owned that you can tour. And please ask questions, there is a factory trained and dedicated team of sales and service staff.
Yes, buying an Airstream will be an exciting adventure, and one that will change your travel path forever as you discover a lifestyle and community that you never knew existed. See the resources on the Can-Am Product Line page to better acquaint yourself with the many models available.

Here is a link to the Airstream company page about comparing trailer models.   https://www.airstream.com/travel-trailers/compare/