Campsites Available at Driveway Provincial Park

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So you have just de-winterized your RV, it is fresh and clean and ready to hit the open road. One BIG of this writing Ontario Parks are still closed due to COVID 19. By now most families have spent a lot of time cooped up in the house and a little bit of outdoor time might be just what is needed. 
The answer; camping at home. This can be a ton of fun and also a great way to "shake down" your RV for the first real road trip. Approach this just like you would as if you were going off to the Pinery. Kids have to pack the clothes, supplies, toys and activities that they would need for a weekend away. The rule can be that there is no going back into the house for 24 hours. Pack some food you could make in the RV and fill your freshwater tank and get ready for home away from home. You can have a Bar-B-Que in the driveway or backyard and if permitted maybe a campfire. If you have a large terra cotta planter you can fill it with some small pieces of wood or some charcoal and have a tiny campfire just large enough to toast marshmellows and a hot dog on a stick. I've got some great s'more's recipes to share with you at the end of the article. Have your awning out and you can sit outside and have breakfast. Instead of a hike to the lake at a park you can still have a hike to the local park or even just around town. Instead of looking for shells and pinecones, in honour of the recent earth day, take a garbage bag, gloves and pick up trash in your local green space. I would also recommend using all the resources in your RV if possible. Microwave, shower, furnace etc. As all of us campers know, stuff always fails when you are miles from home. It might be nice to find any problems while still in your driveway. I guarantee this will be a fun family adventure and make some special memories for years to come and don't pass on this opportunity just because you don't have kids. Big kids of all ages will have a great weekend at Driveway Provincial Park. 
Campers London OntarioHow about a mini campfire right in the driveway?  Use a large clay flower pot and line it with tin foil.  With a few twigs and bits of wood, maybe even charcoal if you have it you can make a neat-as-a-pin campfire just big enough to toast a few marshmellows and maybe make a s'more!
 Happy Camping at Driveway Provincial Park.

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