Get the Can-Am RV Centre Newsletter: Past Issues Now Available!

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It has been more than a year since we re-launched the Can-Am RV Centre Newsletter, and we can happily report that it has been a hit with our customers.   The industry average for customer email show an opening rate of 17% and yet our February Newsletter stats reported we had a 73% opening rate.  The best part is that this has resulted in customers benefitting from Parts and Service Specials, travel advice, Tech and Detailing tips and spotlights on our customers and staff.  Customers have also been asking for the past issues to be available.  To that end you can click on the link below and go to our past issues page, where you can download some of our most popular articles and features.  

  • Did you read the one about the Predator Birds and the Search for the White Moose?  
  • Did you see Kate Thomson's review of Harvest Host?  
  • I hope you read the series about Andy's Tesla Experiment?  

Sign up today for the next newsletter and in the meantime download the issues you may have missed.  And please recommend us to your friends and family who would like to get an idea about what all the fuss is about the RV Lifestyle.  We would love to welcome more folks to the Can-Am RV Family! 


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