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The fall colors have arrived and I am looking at our travel trailer in the driveway and thinking about getting in one more excursion before I winterize and get ready for the winter season.  We also have thanksgiving this month and more than ever I am really thankful to be an RV.

During this pandemic, so many things that I took for granted were turned upside down.  In the early months, we were in lockdown, and seeing friends and family was not in the cards.  But as things opened up a bit one, of the first things we were able to do is get out in our trailer. When the Provincial Parks were still closed we got out and did some camping at Driveway Provincial Park.  That is our driveway and the properties of a few select friends where we could visit and socialize outdoors.  That certainly opened up our horizons enough to keep us hopeful.  When the campgrounds did open, the showers and bathrooms were not yet available, but we were so happy to be self-contained in our Mobile Quarantine Unit, (our Airstream, that is). The park limitations had little effect on our enjoyment of the parks we were in.

With the border to the USA closed and the complications of visiting other provinces, we opted to do a circuit through Northern Ontario to visit family and friends, do some fishing, and embrace the landscape that has inspired so many of Canada’s great painters.

With our own accommodations in tow behind the trusty mini-van, we were welcomed by friends and family as burden-free guests staying in our home on wheels.  roofing

If we were not living the RV lifestyle we would have been navigating hotels, eating all of our meals at restaurants, and generally taking much bigger risks to our health due to increased exposure.   Instead, the increased exposure we had was to this country’s amazing landscape, beautiful trails and rivers, inspiring flora and fauna, and the added bonus of being able to see the folks that are closest to our hearts.   

We spent time on beaches on the Great Lakes, paddle-boarded on secluded Northern lakes, saw a few bears up close and personal, and had so many campfires and other outdoor social activities with other like-minded travelers.

Our ability to use a travel trailer during the past year and a half has been a huge blessing and one that we are truly thankful for. 
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And here at Can-Am RV Centre, we are very thankful for our dedicated customers that have continued to support our business through all the challenges that the Covid 19 pandemic has presented.