Why Choose the RV Lifestyle?

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Why should we get into RVing? Why not? And what’s holding you back?
 My wife Susan and I have been RVing for 30 years. It’s been a leisure experience that’s always had us enjoying the moment and looking forward. 

We all need leisure in our lives. Thirty years ago we realized that as two very busy college professors we needed a leisure activity we could share and grow with through all of the age categories we were determined to enjoy as a couple. RVing has opened all sorts of leisure doors for us. Moreover, RVing opens doors to different lifestyles. We’re, members of a North American community that knows how to leverage RVing into any type of activity or leisure that’s might be of interest to us.

 Many active adults in the 30-50 year old category want an outdoor leisure experience through hiking and biking. During our 30’s and 40’s RVing provided us with the gateway to 20 years of the best of  must do hiking destinations such as the backbone of the incredible Canadian/U.S Rocky Mountain National Park system. For those all important escape weekends we just chucked work aside loaded the bikes on board and drove to a conveniently located RV park near trails and did some relaxing “R&R” biking.   .

 By the time we reached our mid fifties we wanted a more relaxed approach to leisure. Our holiday periods were spent seeing North America close up at our own pace. And what an incredible natural environment to see and experience close up rather than looking out through an airplane window on the way to somewhere else. As boomers we’ve recently graduated to the active retirement stage of life.  Oh to escape those cold to the bone winters for 4-6 months of sun! That’s not an idle wish for us. Once the cold weather arrives we look at it in the rear view mirror as we RV to Florida and become snowbirds in an active life style RV resort.

 But leisure RVing is not just about taking a look at scenery. RVing is the ideal way to take in the sights, sounds and attractions of North America’s major cities at a fraction of the cost of four and five star hotels.  Want to do New York? We have several times by setting up in a terrific RV park overlooking the Statue of Liberty. Susan and I have “done” the famous Fifth Avenue shop walk, visited the internationally renowned “Met” and “MOMA” museums, toured the Statue of Liberty and done the must do Sunday Central Park dog walk with our dogs.

 At the other end of the country we know first hand that what goes on in Vegas stays there. We’ve stayed in the Circus/Circus Casino RV Park in the heart of the city. The “strip” was at our doorstep.

What if you have family? I have a daughter from a previous marriage who we introduced to the nation’s capital by setting up our RV in Ottawa’s family friendly RV park. We had the pleasure of experiencing what is on every child’s wish list; taking her on an rv trip to Disneyworld. If you have an RV you get to stay on site in the park at Camp Wilderness and commute back and forth to the main attractions by riverboat. Nighttime around the campfire in Fort Wilderness after a full day of “funning” it in Disneyworld or any other tourist or recreational venue is how you build family bonding into otherwise busy lives. 

All of our leisure living by RVing has included the experience of getting there by travelling at our own pace in the comfort of our own home with the luxury of being able to always have our two dogs with us who are, after all, family members. Did you know that it’s estimated that 60% + of RVers have pets? RVing and RV parks are pet friendly.

 Unlike the hassle of air travel where you’re just wishing it would all get over so you can get to your destination you’ll discover the joy of the journey itself through RVing.  And your leisure days aren’t filled with eating fast food while waiting for your flight or returning home from a resort holiday to discover you’ve gained ten pounds. You get to go to resorts in all of North America’s premier locations. However, your food and the way you like it prepared is part of the journey. You have a complete kitchen on board. Did you also know that more than 50% of RVers cite the ability to eat quality food and control diet as one of their primary reasons for choosing RVing as the preferred mode of leisure travel? 

Now you know why we kick started our leisure life with RVing and have never looked back. This is what you can look forward to.