Road trip snacks to keep your crew happy

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It’s that time of year again! It’s time to get your RV road ready for your many adventures to embark on. You go through your checklist of the essentials you need to ensure you will make it to your destination safely and on time. Check the tires for air pressure, check the hot water heater to make sure it’s working, and check the gas tank to see if it’s full.

After you go through your entire checklist, it’s time to start driving, right? Not so fast! Have you thought about what snacks to bring to keep you and your crew happy and full? If you don’t want to hear “I’m huuuungry, can we stop for food?” all trip long, follow these tips to keep the show on the road!

Finger foods

Keep your snacking foods small and portable. Make sure your foods can fit into plastic baggies or small tupperware containers. This makes it easier to store in your cupboards, fridge, or cooler and you will be able to access them easier. Small sandwiches, pieces of fruit, beef jerky, and small treats like rice krispie squares are perfect to pack and eat along the way.

Bring lots of water

Make sure each person brings a refillable water bottle filled with water to drink during the trip. Drinking water regularly will help subdue cravings to snack every 20 minutes. If you are on a long trip, bring along a portable water cooler so you’ll never run out of water! To spice things up a bit, make some citrus water with lemons or limes to have a delicious and refreshing way to cool off.

Pack the protein

Foods that are filled with protein are a great way to satisfy hunger and to keep your energy up. Homemade beef jerky is time consuming to make, but so worth it in the end! It tastes great and packs a punch for your protein fill. There are also a lot of vegetarian options including roasted chickpeas, or chocolate covered almonds. Peanut butter is also a classic and easy way to get protein. Make sandwiches before you go, or just bring a jar and take a spoonful to load up!


Before you head off on your journey, make a refreshing fruit smoothie to keep you awake at the start of the drive. These will keep you filled for a long time and it will give you a healthy boost of energy! Add peanut butter or protein powder to get that extra kick of protein to start the day off right.

Treat yourself

Having healthy food is very important to keep you full during your RV trip, but let’s be honest, you’d rather be eating junk food instead! We all get those cravings, so pack a small amount of junk food to keep you and your crew happy. Don’t go too overboard on the sweets, you don’t have to get sick while you are driving!

We hope you enjoy your RV trips this year and be sure to pack enough snacks to avoid stopping for food along the way!