Handy RV Hacks

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The open road and the enjoyment of new places -that's part of the American dream. Fortunately there's a way to enjoy that dream without sacrificing everyday life. That way is to hit the road in an RV.


But how do you really get the most out of that RV trip? Is it possible to avoid stopping at rest stops for food and comfort and simply take the experience to the next level? Here are some great ideas to make sure that the memories that you make on the road stay with you for the rest of your life.


Firstly the neighborhood that you are going to be visiting is going to have mosquitoes. Everyone wants to go to the coast and that means biting insects. Make sure that you have the best insect repellent on the market. Hiding inside you RV to avoid insects is not how anyone wants to spend their trip.


But why go for chemicals - do the natural route. Next time you you stop over at farm stall make sure that you ask about Sage. Sage is a natural insect repellent. A couple of leaves of Sage on the fire and the insects will leave you and start bothering someone else.


Not many know this, but the smell of Rosemary is one of the most wonderful in the world - and especially when you place Rosemary on the fire.When you are barbecuing wait until you have those those cherry red coals and put rosemary branches on. One your rosemary begins roasting, feel free to put your favorite meat over the coals and begin cooking it. The flavor is incredible and is something that is worth trying.


After you are finished your barbecue your are going to look around your RV and wonder where you are going to put all the equipment that you have just used to make that fantastic meal. Most RV's have limited space - so you need to look up. You can find netting at most camping stores - or even military surplus stores. The ceiling of your RV is the best place to store equipment that you use everyday - and cargo nets can help you free up other space for essential equipment that you use from day to day.


An RV can be a home away from home - but it can also be a place that is very challenging as far as space is concerned. Apply your mind and make the space work for you. Even the smallest nook space is valuable. Before setting out on that adventure make sure you pay attention to what you will need and when you will need it.


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