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Your Ultra-light Alto

Ultra light, the Alto is entirely constructed from composite materials and aluminium. Its aerodynamic design takes its cue from modern aircraft design and its interior speaks to european-inspired quality and aesthetics.

The Alto travel trailer comes in the original R-Series with the retractable roof—fitting easily under a 7' garage door. The F-Series with a fixed roof was introduced two years ago to appeal to those wanting a more traditional RV washroom, waredrobe storage and without the need to fit the RV into a garage.

Both the R-Series and F-Series are Can-Am best sellers. Towable by most compact cars and SUVs, the Alto is a nimble RV, designed for those on the go who don't want to compromise on quality.

The walls and roof are a sandwich construction of a honeycomb core laminated with an aluminium skin on one side and an Alufiber skin on the other. Alufiber combines the light weight properties of aluminium with the resistance of fiberglass. The Alto is built exclusively from materials that are water resistant such as aluminium, Alufiber, plastic, Formica and glass.

On the road: With its Flexiride independent suspension system and its very low centre of gravity the Alto is very stable. Its aluminium frame is constructed without any welding, and it supports stream-lined holding tanks designed to optimize the aerodynamics. Equipped standard with electric brakes, it can also be outfitted with an optional intelligent brake control system.

  • Aluminium frame and floor
  • Alufiber exterior and aluminium interior on the walls and roof
  • Aluminium roof without any joints
  • Cabinets made of aluminium and composite materials
  • Ultra light sandwich construction panels integrated in the bed cushions
  • Bed structure entirely constructed from aluminium extrusions
  • Powerful electric brakes
  • Optional intelligent brake controller can be installed inside the Alto
  • Feather weight (1593lbs to 1725lbs)
  • Aerodynamic shape developed in a virtual wind tunnel
  • Aerodynamic drag coeffcient is 75% lower than that of a traditional 16" travel trailer
  • Aerodynamic holding tanks built into the frame
  • Optional flexible solar panels available in either 68 or 136 watts
  • A very low centre of gravity ensures optimal stability

Ask about Can-Am RV Centre's easy export process.

We export Altos to the US on a regular basis. We look after all of the paperwork, including your trip permit. Ask one of our RV Specialists how easy it can be:

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