One-Pot Camping Recipes

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There's nothing more fun than a trip to the great outdoors and spending a few days and nights camping with your friends and family. After all, humans were meant to be at one with nature and it's a shame that more people don't spend some time camping. However, when you go camping, the last thing you should do is carry pre-made meals since you'd be missing out on half the fun of camping. Cooking your own meals on a campfire is not only fun but also quite tasty and is a great way to bond with your loved ones. So, with that said, we will now look at a couple of one pot recipes that you can make once you set up camp.


The easiest one pot meal that you can make is soup. Soup is not only hearty but a good bowl of homemade soup can warm the soul and provide a great deal of comfort. In order to make soup while out camping, you will need to have a variety of vegetables, meats and soup mix. If you're familiar with herbs, you can find some natural herbs in the forest, however, be sure to thoroughly wash and clean them before use. All you need to do is chop up all of your vegetables and add them to the soup mix in a pot and allow it to simmer. This will take less than an hour and everyone will surely enjoy it.


Another meal that you can make in one pan is a meal of eggs, bacon and toast. This is the perfect meal for breakfast and all you will need is some bread, fresh eggs or egg mix and bacon. Simply place the bacon in the pan and allow it to fry in its own fat. Once the bacon is done, there will be some fat remaining in the pan and you can use this to fry your eggs and toast your bread. Being able to cook breakfast in a single pot helps to not only lighten up the cleaning you have to do but is also a fun way to cook breakfast.


Lastly, the final one pot recipe that we will look at is chilli. In order to make this recipe, simply add some onions and garlic to the pot and allow them to saute in oil. Then, you can add tomato paste, tomatoes, beef stock and a few cans of beans. Allow this to simmer for at least 20 minutes and add fresh herbs and spices according to taste. A hearty meal like this is something that is sure to fill you with energy and keep your comfortable on your next camping trip.


These are only a few of the recipes that can be cooked solely in one pot. There are plenty of different and exciting meals that can be cooked in only a single pot. The next time you find yourself spending time among nature, think of packing light and focusing on your surroundings.